Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yesterday was Bonnie's birthday!!! When we got up I sang happy birthday to her and took her to a fancy breakfast at McDonald's. I even let her get the Big Breakfast. I told her that we would go shopping anywhere she wanted and she chose SuperTarget (that's why I love her). When we got the the hospital Ethan was smiling at us. I told Bonnie that he knew it was his mom's birthday and that was his present. I decided that I was gonna change my first diaper (since my daughter Helen) today. I was in the middle of changing him and he decided that he wasn't thru. So, two diapers later and another outfit (and many laughs from Bonnie and the nurse) dad finally had to call in for mom to come and finish the diaper. Bonnie and I are getting to feed him his bottle. He is up to 65cc's which is good considering he was at 25cc's 6 days ago. It is hard to wake him up to get him to eat. He has so much fluid still in his chest that he coughs a lot. All of these factors make giving him a bottle very difficult. Bonnie was feeding him yesterday at lunch and he spit up on her and outfit number two. At his 9:00pm feeding Bonnie gave him almost a whole bottle and we didn't have to change him again. He is now off of all IV fluids but they are still keeping his pic line in just in case they need to give him some medicine. His oxygen levels are great. He is an answer to many prayers and Bonnie and I no longer worry about what will happen when we walk in the NICU doors...we are confident that Ethan will be doing great. Many of you have asked about JR...his status has not changed. He is still on ECMO and they are gonna try it for a little while longer. Please continue to pray for him and his parents Rudy & Kimberly. We love you all and hope to see you soon! Kerry and Bonnie


  1. Happy, happy birthday Bonnie! What a great gift to receive from your beautiful son. He has changed so much in two weeks! You look great, too. We are so glad that Ethan is making progress and can't wait until you get to bring that precious baby home. We love you and miss you!

  2. Thanks for the update...finally! :0)
    Happy Birthday to you, Bonnie!!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of Helen and Ethan. They are both so precious. Ethan looks so handsome in his little clothes. Glad to hear he is progressing right along.

    Love y'all,

  3. So excited things are going so well. Praise the Lord! Happy Birthday Bonnie! We will continue to pray! Love you STBroadaway

  4. Glad to hear all the good news. Any clue of a come home date yet? Still praying for you all.

  5. Happy Birthday Bonnie! I am glad Ethan helped it feel like a celebration. Oh and I love the zoo pictures of Helen. I look forward to more positive reports. Prayers continue.

    Much love from Indy :)

  6. From me: Happy Belated Birthday Bonnie!
    From my sweet Ava: "We love you, Ethan. Glad you are doing better." And she wishes she could draw a picture for you on here.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to you Bonnie! I love seeing your little blue present all wrapped up there with his mommy! He looks so peaceful and sweet. Wonderful news and the answer to many prayers he is. Love the pics of big sister Helen at the zoo. Big smiles from a little special time with Mommy and Daddy! Love to all of you. Still praying!

  8. Happy Birthday Bonnie!! What a wonderful birthday present to see him smile at you. I'm so glad to hear that he is off everything!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!! Can't wait unitl you get to bring him home. We love ya'll and miss you.

    Chris and Heather

  9. First, Praise God for his blessings! Your little is such a wonderful tiny miracle! What a blessing! What a way to celebrate your birthday with such great news! Bonnie, you look just beautiful and so so happy with little Ethan in your arms!