Friday, September 18, 2009

Dad'd Thoughts

I am so happy that my son has come so far. I thank everyone for the prayers they have truly kept us going. We give God all the glory for this miracle and will continue to everyday He gives us breath.

Here is what God laid on my heart today. God has revealed to me a I was thinking about how I was so excited to get to the NICU and just spend time by Ethan's bed. God asked me "Are you that excited to sit by my throne?" I am learning that I should have the same desire every hour to see my Father in Heaven as I do to see Ethan. Wow! This is the most basic thing that God desires of be with Him daily. How I have taken it for granted. I will never take it for granted again.

Ethan my son, I am watching you move and squeeze my finger. You are a miracle...I have prayed for you more than anything in my life. I will continue to pray like this the rest of my life. God used you to save me from my weak walk with Him. Seeing you move is one of the greatest moments of my life.

I am watching my wife look down on Ethan and she is showing the truest love I have ever seen. To imagine that that is how God looks down on us and loves us more than what I see in front of me is life changing. I've always known He loves us but never known how much. I will try not to hurt my Father any more and beg for forgiveness when I fail.

Children's Hospital Rocks! (this thought wasn't deeply spiritual but TRUE)

I have had some sweet time with God. My quiet times have been different every day. I've learned that God doesn't want us to just check Him off of our daily list. Some days I just prayed. Some days I read the word and prayed. Some days I was just silent (unless I was crying). God wants genuine time with us...not some routine that bores us and Him.

Bonnie and I love y'all...please don't stop praying Ethan has a long way to go we need you!


  1. This is amazing news!! We continue to pray for your family! I know that cry was the sweetest sound in the world!!

    The Broadaway's

  2. THANK YOU God. Also thank you Bonnie and Kerry for the testimony that you are living for our Heavenly Father. GOD is using you to reach others every day and I'm sure this is not the way that you would have chosen for him to use your faimly, but GOD has THE PLAN. God uses you in ways that you may never know. We will continue to pray for Ethan and all your family. We will also continue to PRAISE THE LORD. Praying for another great day! Hope to see ya'll soon.
    Ms. Lavanda

  3. Amen Kerry! I am so much in awe at how the Lord has used this situation.
    You are all in our prayers and we rejoice with you at this wonderful progress little Ethan is making. Tiss said she could hear your excitement through the phone last night when you called Chad. Praise Jesus!!

  4. This is truly amazing. As we walk in our daily lives we have our dreams, but God has the plan. We may not always understand why things happen the way they do, but it is not for us to question, but to do. It is so clear as I read this blog daily that God's plan for Ethan, and your family is to reach those of us who need to strengthen our walk with him. Thank you for sharing your most intimate thought but most of all thank you for making me realize that I need to walk with God daily, not just in word but in my actions. I am praying for your family and know that God's hands are there touching each of you giving you the strength you need.

  5. We have spred the prayer request all over Facebook.We are praying for ALL of you involved.I have a must read for you.Especially since you have a special needs child and a healthy one.(lets pray it is only temp)"Siblings Without Rivalry" by Faber and Mazlish My boys are 3 years and 10 months and this book has already helped me.It helps you love both your children the same but different.

  6. To:Bonnie, (From: Rhonda Hart)
    Hillary just told me about Ethan...I will be praying hard for you and your precious family.He is so adorable and healthy looking! I know he will be better soon. Keep the faith, and remember how many people love y'all...I'll be thinking of you. Is your mom w/you???
    Love, Rhonda Hart (Hillary's mom)

  7. I know there has to be no other perfect sight than to see your son move...i can only imagine what was going through Gods mind when he made adam :)...Childrens hospital is amazing and has an awesome feeling once you enter the door...I think of it as God among other places he is especially there...We will continue to pray and think of ya'll...:) you have taught me so much...with love...
    Meghann & Wes

  8. There is so much power in your words. You have open my eyes tonight...WOW, Just when you think your walking right. When you said "Are you that excited to sit by my throne?" Kerry, I couldn't stop crying...You really brought reality to me tonight. Your family is really playing a special role in this season of your life. I can not wait to see postings of that beautiful baby boy at home with his faithful family. You are being the best example possible. Awsome! God is Good...God Bless you and your family.