Monday, September 14, 2009

This Morning

update: Ethan is holding stable for now - has not really made any improvements but no regression either - PRAISE THE LORD - specific prayers: good reports on blood gas tests for oxygen saturation so they can begin to ween from oscillator - blood pressure stability so they can begin to ween from some of his bp meds - wisdom, strength, and guidance for drs and nurses - and please pray for Ethan's nicu friend, J.R. who is on the ECMO machine and also a PPHN baby and his parents, Rudy and Kimberly


  1. Still praying for your family and sweet Ethan. God is still in control and his mercies are new EVERY day!

  2. Remember our God is in total control and know that God knows exactly what Ethan needs...please know that God loves him and that he was created for a purpose!! Kerry and Bonnie, even though we don't know one another, our connection is Jesus and I have prayed for Ethan and both of you!! Also praying for Helen... Keep the faith.....

    Tim Folmar
    Brantley, Alabama

    PS.....In April 1987 my son Blake was in NICU for several weeks in he is 22 and 6' 4" and a healthy 293!!! Keep focused on Jesus and He will see you through this storm.

  3. What a precious gift Ethan is - praying for him and your family.

  4. We have not called but have kept up with the progress of your precious little Ethan through Chad and Tiss.
    We are praying for you all. Please take comfort in that. When Tiss got sick it was the prayers of friends, family and those we didn't even know that kept us going strong through one of the toughest things we have ever faced as parents.
    God showed Himself strong enough for us all!
    We had to totally depend on Him and trust like never before. He is the Great Physician and knows all. There are reasons for everything that comes our way and He has the whole picture in His hands!
    Once we gave Tiss to Him and let go, which was not easy, we experienced His peace that passes all understanding. It is not explainable. You have to experience it for yourself to know what it is but He is there and ready to take over. We too came to a better knowledge of the sacrifice He gave for us in giving up His child.
    He is awesome and reigns with all wisdom!!
    We love you all dearly and thank you for taking the time to post and share.
    Patti and Steve

  5. Praying for you Bonnie and Kerry. I can not imagine what you are going through, but I am so thankful that you have your faith and your family and friends. Ethan is a beautiful little boy. We will continue to lift all of you up in prayer.
    Jodi Henry Wells and Family
    Opelika, Alabama

  6. Still praying! I've added you all to every chain and list I could access!

  7. Hi Bonnie & Kerry,
    I've never met you guys, but I'm a volunteer for Footprints Ministry and just received an email about your precious Ethan. Please know that we're not only praying for Ethan, but also doing all we can to find lodging options for you. If you guys need any help while in Birmingham please don't hesitate to contact me at

    In His Love,
    Lurenda Avery

  8. Kerry and Bonnie,

    Your strength is so amazing and such an inspiration to us all. Please know that we are lifting yall up in our thoughts and prayers. Praise you Lord for what you have done and what you are doing in the lives of these special people. We love yall!

    John and Amanda Calhoun

  9. You don't know me but I was sent a link to your blog. My daughter Harper was born in January and had almost the exact same story. She didn't have PPHN but she was born with pneumonia. She weighed 9.12. She was air flighted so they could put her on ECMO but she ended up never having to do that. She was on an oscillator for 10 days and she was VERY critical. It was such a scary time. But Praise GOD she quickly recovered and we only spent 3 weeks in the NICU. She is turning 8 months old this week and she is perfect. Praying the EXACT same for Ethan. If you have any questions or need encouragement - e-mail me at or visit my blog! Just wanted to encourage you that Ethan can and will recover quickly. It was a horrible, scary time but God can heal him!

  10. Praying for all 4 of you-please let us know if you need anything. Much love to your sweet, precious family!!