Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dad's Thoughts

Today as I held my son I prayed and rejoiced and thanked God for all that He had done. He has gone from almost dying to off of all medicines and machines and other than a few monitors is just like any other little boy. I started to think of how much I cherished him and appreciated him. I then was reminded of the story of Abraham and how long that he waited for a son. I imagined Abraham sitting and holding Isaac crying, and praising God for his son. Then I thought about the sacrifice that God asked Abraham to offer his son to him as a sacrifice. Abraham didn't hesitate. He was willing to give the son that he waited so long for right back to God. God showed mercy and didn't require Abraham to sacrifice him but he was willing to. I know that I have come a long way in my walk with Christ over the last few weeks but God reminded me with this story that I still had a ways to go. I have given my son back to God and he has had mercy on us and healed him. But could I make the decision that Abraham made??? NO, not right now and that let's me know that I still need God's instruction in my life and I still have a long way to go in my walk. I desire to grow and learn over the rest of my life and I hope that God never stops teaching me. I also hope that he never puts us through another trial like this again. I give Him all of the Glory for my son hopefully coming home soon. I know that prayer works and thank God every day for all of my family and friends and brothers & sisters in Christ that I don't know that are praying for us.

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  1. It's not easy giving your child back to Him. It is the toughest thing I think we ever had to do but He will bless you for it and open doors and your walk with Him will never be the same. There is a different bond there once you have made that step. We too hope He never takes us through those trials again of almost losing one of our children but if He does, we are confident He will not leave us or forsake us! He'll be there from the beginning until the end!
    We are so proud for you and Bonnie I hope you had a wonderful birthday! What better gift could you recieve than for your precious little one to be where he is today!
    Thank you Jesus for being so real and so ever present to us all!!
    Love you all and can't wait until you are safe back in Dothan at your home with both of your little ones!
    Patti and Steve